Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bows, lovely bows!! Put a bow on everything with my new pattern!!

Introducing my latest 99cents pattern.

It's Bowutiful! The pattern is a step by step photo tutorial how to make the rows with the bows. You can work it in the round or as rows. It can be used as a lovely border around your projects. Picture a lovely little poncho with bows around it!

It includes the teapot cozy pattern and a row by row tea cup cozy.

You can get the pattern in my shops for only 99 eurocents ($1.40):

I'm a Craftsy Designer

Fruit/Market Mesh Bag by Pukado - Free Pattern

Market Mesh Bag by Pukado


You can make this with any yarn and any hook size. The chunkier your yarn, the bigger the bag.

I used for the big bag:
Bakers Twine in different colors and hook size 5mm

For the small bags:
Phildar Phil Coton No3 and hook size 3 - 3.5 mm

Work in the space between stitches, unless specified other.

R1, Magic Circle, CH3 (counts as your first DC and CH1, will be written as normal DC, CH1 in the rest of the pattern), *DC, CH1* repeat 5 more times - 12st, 6DC
R2, *DC, CH1, DC, CH1* in each CH1Space
R3, *(DC, CH1, DC, CH1) in CH1Space, (DC, CH1) in next CH1Space* repeat around
R4, *(DC, CH1, DC, CH1) in CH1Space, (DC, CH1) in next 2 CH1Spaces* repeat around

2014-04-17 09.41.40.jpg

Change color

R5, *(DC, CH1, DC, CH1) in CH1Space, (DC, CH1) in next 3 CH1Spaces* repeat around
R6, *(DC, CH1, DC, CH1) in CH1Space, (DC, CH1) in next 4 CH1Spaces* repeat around

2014-04-17 09.50.26.jpg

Add more increase rows if you want your bag to be bigger.

Change color

R7, CH2, DC in next CH1Space, *HalfDC in same CH1Space (keep 2 loops on hook), DC in next CH1SPace, CH1* repeat all aroundMarket Mesh Bag by Pukado.jpg
2014-04-17 10.34.30.jpg

Change color every row from now on

R8, *SC, CH5* in each CH1Space
R9, *SC, CH5* in each CH5Space (add row to make bag longer if prefered)
R10, *SC, CH4* in each CH5Space
R11, *SC, CH4* in each CH4Space  (add row to make bag longer if prefered)
R12, *SC, CH3* in each CH4Space
R13, *SC, CH3* in each CH3Space (add row to make bag longer if prefered)

R14, *2DC, CH1* in each CH3Space

Add more rows if you prefer bag to be longer

R15, 2DC in each CH1Space

If you would like the opening wide at the top, continue with R19, be sure to repeat R19 3 more time to keep the length of the bag.

R16 *2HDC in between next 3 DCclusters, HDC in between next* repeat around

2014-04-17 11.13.36.jpg

If you would like the opening wide at the top, continue with R19, be sure to repeat R19 2 more time to keep the length of the bag.

R17 *2HDC in between next 2 HDCclusters, HDC in between next 2* repeat around

If you would like the opening wide at the top, continue with R19, be sure to repeat R19 1 more time to keep the length of the bag. As in the photo

R18 *2HDC in between next HDCclusters, HDC in between next 3* repeat around

R19 HDC in each st around

R20, DC in each space around

R21, HDC in each space around

R22, SC in each space around

2014-04-17 11.28.56.jpg2014-04-17 11.46.37.jpg

R23-R24, HDC in each st around

R25, Count your stitches, divide by 4.

For example, the blue bag I have 55 stitches at R24, as 55 can’t be divided by 4, I add a stitch and make it 56 = divided by 4 is 14.
For the color bag, I had 45 stitches, I removed a stitch at R24 to make it 44 =  divided by 4 is 11.
For the bakers twine bag I had 40 stitches = divided by 4 is 10.

For the handles I add half of a quarter of the stitches  to the handle Chain.

HDC in next 14 st, CH21, skip 14st, HDC in next 14st, CH21, skip 14st, SLST to first HDC.
HDC in next 11st, CH16, skips 11st, HDC in next 11st, CH16, skip 11st, SLST to first HDC
HDC in next 10st, CH15, skip 10st, HDC in next 10st, CH15, skip 10st, SLST to first HDC

R26, SC in next 14st, 21SC around chain, SC in next 14 st, 21SC around chain
R27, SC in next 14st, 21SC around chain, SC in next 14 st, 21SC around chain, join with invisible join.

2014-04-17 12.39.50.jpg2014-04-17 12.54.35.jpg

weave in ends, your bag is finished.

Copyright Patricia Stuart 2014 ©.
You are free to create from the pattern and sell the creations.
Please do not copy, rewrite, resell or distribute as your own, this is prohibited.
Please give credit to my shop for the pattern and if you sell finished items online,
please provide a link to my blog or facebook page for the pattern.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

April Square is here!! Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 by Pukado

OMG, it's already the last day of March! Time flies, crazy!!

So a quick post as I'm busy with the prep work for my little girl's 6th (!!!!) birthday party this weekend.

Lots of baking, cooking and cleaning and no time for crocheting (hahaha as if...) and other stuff!

So I already had the square done 2 weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to write it down and take pictures.

The pattern will be available on Ravelry as well, so please add it to your favorites and queues!!
I made a special one for my girl's birthday, you can't see the glitter and sparkle really in the picture, but it's there!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jasmine Top by Pukado - Crochet pattern Jasmine Stitch

My girl is turning 6 soon and I wanted to make something for her. I have never really made clothes before, except the chevron skirt I made last summer. She still loves it and is waiting impatiently for summer to wear it again.

I fell in love with the Jasmine stitch or daisy stitch. But for clothing I think puff stitches are not the smartest way to go, especially not kids clothing. So I made a variation on the stitch and I was blown away!! I love how the top turned out and I'm very happy!! So is my girl!!

You can buy the pattern in my shops:

I'm a Craftsy Designer

Mandala by Pukado - Free Pattern - Ottoman cover

Mandala by Pukado


Catania Grande, but you can use any yarn you like.
Hook 6mm
Yarn needle

Join every row with an invisible stitch, unless otherwise specified.

Change color every row, unless otherwise specified or personal choice.

Weave in ends after every row.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tulips from Amsterdam - New Pattern!


I haven't posted in a while.. the winter blues had hit me hard and basically I couldn't find any energy to do whatsoever! Except crochet that is... always have energy for crochet.

I have so many ideas running around in my head, I just couldn't make a choice what to make and create. I was focussing on my Mood Blanket for a while and then it hit me. I must make it spring time!!! This will get my energy up! (oh and vitamin D! Helped a lot!)

What better way to say spring than some lovely tulips! Real ones die on me too quickly, so I crocheted myself  a lovely bunch of tulips! It gave me blue fingers, but they are so pretty!!! I'm so happy with them!

And then I thought, wouldn't it be supercute to have a pillow with lovely flowers on them. So I experimented with some stitches and tadaaaaa a lovely row of flowers appeared. I made the first one with Stylecraft DK and the second one with Phildar Phil Coton no 3.

It works up pretty quick and I can see lovely blankets, pillows and bags made with these. Not to forget lovely happy dishcloths and pot holders for in the kitchen!!!

And I had to make a hat off course. A summer hat! (I'm so done with hats at the moment, I can't even get a normal slouch hat finished!!!)

These are extra bonus patterns you get for free with the Tulips pattern.
With patterns for working in a row, working in the round and the hat!

You can get my Tulips from Amsterdam in my shops:

I'm a Craftsy Designer

And I leave you with the famous Dutch song: Tulpen uit Amsterdam:

(yes click the link and sing out loud!!!!)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crochet Your Mood Blanket 2014 - March Square - Free pattern

Yes, it's time again for a new Square for March!

I was pondering what to do for this square. In the meanwhile I was working on a few other projects, My Watermelophant, a new spring flower project and my Color Explosion Ottoman.

I was watching the kids play and their inflatable ottomans were just bugging me. I don't like stuff with popular characters on it. I think it's ugggggly. But the kids like it and I can't stop other people from giving it to them. So I told Aoibhinn I will make a pretty rainbow cover. She wasn't to sure. But as soon as I finished it, she loved it! Now I have to make another one for the boy. Because he likes the lovely colours as well! And I have a few more requests, but I have to figure out supplies and price first before I can commit to orders.

I love it. It lights up the room by just sitting there!!!

But we're here for the March Square and it's a beauty!!